Is public outrage similar to a temper tantrum?

Companies don't want profits. Developers don't want profits either!

I guess artistic integrity only matters when it supports what you want.

He didn't change his opinion, yet felt pressured into changing his content due to the PR nightmare that some people were creating.

Again, you're making a claim he never did. He wanted to spare Obsidian what he considered a PR nightmare, that says nothing about him feeling pressured.

Pressuring people to censor themselves or change their content is fundamentally infringing upon their right to free speech and artistic freedom.

No, it's not. It's fucking speech. Stop posting.

Were your freedoms to post infringed on? No, because you're a god damned adult that can decide to ignore me. So are the devs.

The devs didn't make their own decision though, they asked the backer to make the call and he did.

That was their decision. They also could have decided to ignore everything and left it in.

anybody would be terrified if a random mob of people decided to start calling them hateful bigots.

Can you show me where that actually happened?

But I fundamentally disagree with anyone who seeks to force a developer to conform to their will, whether it be a content change or otherwise.

I'm sure you'll find those people eventually. In the meantime, stop confusing them with people tweeting about something they don't want in the game.

Pointing out the suspicious nature of an incident does not make me paranoid, it makes me entirely rational.

What suspicious nature? That something slipped by the devs busy making a fucking game and then they dealt with something after it was brough to their attention? How suspicious! It's only how things work all the fucking time.

But they didn't use that ultimate decision here, they gave that responsibility to him.

And can still revoke it because it's ultimately their decision.

rather than my actual argument.

You're argument is scary skeletons on the internet are forcing changes on a game by complaining on twitter. it's a fucking stupid argument on the face of it.

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