Public support for same-sex marriage in the EU

I don't like when Germans pretend LPartG is something that's good enough

Seems like you didn't read my comment completely. Last paragraph I wrote. I thoroughly hope it'll be changed. We don't need the seperation anymore since the Lebenspartnerschaft is in nearly all cases equally treated to a marriage as of today - opposing to what you said. That's just the short version. It's just not called marriage and is being handled under different paragraphs in the law including different terms etc. . I don't like the splitting as well, but it's the current situation.

If we were to get rid of that "formal" seperation, that'd be a big step forward.

You make it sound so trivial

So by saying changing the law based on how it's been defining family since it was created is incredibly hard I make it sound trivial? If you're German then you should know how complicated it is to change such things. The current parties have no interest in allowing adoption for same-sex couples, saying that it'd oppose how the law defines the term "family". Even though I'd like them to throw it over board in such cases, it's not going to happen. We have to work our way to get there, and we've achieved a lot already. The biggest step has already been taken. Now it's our turn to push the Lebenspartnerschaft to become equally treated as marriage, and get rid of the old terms.

Only thing we, the people, can do is to raise awareness, so that politicians begin to work on it, with the goal that the law will be changed. It's a really complicated and hard way to get there. It doesn't just happen magically because it should already be different - that's simply not how it works. Sadly we have to fight for equal rights even today. But that's worth fighting for.

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