PuffItUp - 4/20 Sale Portable Vape Price Comparison

Puffitup has given me some of the best customer service I ever received, including expediting my shipping simply because I asked for an estimate on the delivery date, and giving me about $15 in free shit. I got a dab mat, a rolling tray, some stickers, a bunch of candy, a grinder, a WPA, and some 420 wipes. Their reviews are filled with experiences similar to mine; you are an outlier.

USPS doesn't care about the distance for anything other than estimated delivery date, really. If you're within certain "blocks" (it's a hard system to explain), then prices for those ranges and delivery dates are basically pre-determined by USPS.

Remember: If a company isn't huge like amazon, and the free shipping is good, you're paying for that shipping somehow. Maybe all the prices are bumped up a bit, maybe certain hot items are, but the fact is that at least with PIU's cheap goodies you get the illusion of care. I'm not disseminating false information; it seems as though you're just butthurt about this.

hatecultish. SMH.

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