Pulled over for drunk driving at 60mph. Proceeds to tell the cop to let her go because she’s ‘a thoroughbred, clean white girl’. Nice.

5 years, I went to a client's property for the company I was at.

I spent 2 hours there with 2 people referring to themselves as thoroughbreds. While asking my nationality, even referred to it being "mutt like". Saying they could trace their lineage back X generations from Germany (sorry germans), referred to me as none white (I'm white)

Asked if my gf at the time was white etc, then asked how she could possibly be Asian, and mixed Asian at that.

Asked my why white girls aren't good enough, implied I wasn't good enough for them.

2 hours of fucking ignorance, and shitty remarks, racism, and terrible innuendos.

Fast forward a couple years.

Now I get to hear my minority friends and a portion of society say I'm white, makes me automatically racist, I have privilege, no one could possibly be racist to me because I'm white. I shouldn't have a voice about what is racism, because you can't be racist to white people.

I am white, I grew up a minority for a lot of my youth. Yes, whites can be a minority in places even in America, shocking I know.

The truth is, all minorities have a difficult time. It is hard being an outsider regardless of skin color. Not everyone in the majority is a racist, some as just assholes.

Logic the rapper has a song about being mixed he frankly says, screw being black or white, "everybody people"

Honestly fuck race, and people who fixate on it. Guess what you're on the same coin you hate.

Everybody People, just that.

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