Pulled over for drunk driving at 60mph. Proceeds to tell the cop to let her go because she’s ‘a thoroughbred, clean white girl’. Nice.

This is basically true, although I wouldn't have phrased it that way.

A poor white man has it better than a poor black man. A white white woman has it better than a rich white woman.

But that is a puddle compared to the ocean between the rich and the poor.

Take a look at this.

The problem isn't just at the extremes, it's a complete inversion of the country's growth. They've completely changed the rules of the game and have used their power to tilt it more and more in their favor with each passing year.

That doesn't mean we should ignore race-based issues in the country just because there are other problems. But it does mean that we need to take care that we aren't being distracted or redirected to fight among ourselves instead of the real enemy.

There is nothing Koch, or Mercer, or any billionaire boogeyman wants more than for the 99% to accuse each other of taking more than their fair share of the crumbs that fall off 1% table.

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