Pump the damn brakes.

I’m interested in what we do the second half of the season. This roster had hardly any turnover. We lost Fangio but really our offensive ineptitude is and has been the problem for some time. Trubisky and Nagy were supposed to fix that but we’ve heard that before. Just swap out the names.

I’m not saying it’s acceptable. It’s getting old, like how many GMs, coaches, QBs must we go through until we get it right. So why people are putting so much emphasis on 1 season (last year) is perplexing. Especially our franchise that has no history on getting it right.

I’d love to see 2 or 3 years where we really challenge the Packers and have a QB that can hang with Rodgers. Then I’d start buying into the hype. With that said I too was hoping this year would show some progress. I was very cautious to start the season because of how successful we were last year. Everyone was right in thinking we should build off that momentum.

But given these first 8 games, I’m more in line with thinking “here we go again”. That’s all.

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