I punched a girl at school in the face for kicking me in the balls.

That’s a nice point, what I’ve read is so interesting and true. Anyway, there are something in our life that is more important than what is right and what is wrong.

For example, children and adults they are both humans, whit the same “law” rights. Anyway, you have some “moral” law for children that make them different from adults. So there there are no “right” and “wrong” actions. There are “moral” or “immoral action.”

Hitting someone is “wrong.” Hitting a girl is “immoral.” And I’m not saying that girl are different from males, I mean, even children are not that much different from adults, they are still human. But we cover with a different moral.

And girls and children are not the only one who are affected buy this “morality.” Even male got some present, for example, the whole “cavalry system” was based on the “reciprocate respect.” But also, man have some “moral” rights that make his life so easy, and this is a big difference from girls, that sometimes has less “moral” rights in our society.

But I’m fine with you, the correct “moral” rights can be cheated by girls and woman. But don’t forget that also children cheat on this “moral” rights. They cry when they want something, and they pretend to have anything in the present.

What I’m saying, that the problem is “cheating” not the “moral” law. Also, this kind of morality can change a lot from state to state. Just watch in chine, where there no “law rights” at all.

So someone hurt you, and you take it back. It’s fine, it will happen tomorrow and next year. Don’t complain for being human.

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