This is the punishment that a 6 year old boy in Oregon received for being late after his mother's car wouldn't start.

When I was in kindergarten I went through a somewhat similar situation. I was playing by myself at recess (by my own volition because my best friend was out sick) and I just happened to be close to a group of kids. A girl in my class had an older father who was always Santa Claus for our small town during the holidays, but during the rest of the year he was just the long bearded, fat hippie guy. Great guy, always the nicest person. Well, he was coming up to the school to pick up his daughter for something and these other kids saw him and screamed "it's Santa! Run away!!!!!!" I stayed where I was because fuck that, I'm busy with my Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldberg action figures. Evidently, that was considered offensive by the teacher, so she scolded all of those kids on the spot. After recess, I get pulled aside and told because of my behavior at recess I am going to be put into detention until I tell my parents what I did. I went home and told my parents what all I did at recess today and got got a "oh ok, that's nice." I thought that was the end of it. The next day, I'm in detention by myself. All day. The other kids were allowed to do things because they told their parents about the whole Santa Claus thing. I didn't realize at the time that THAT had been the cause of my exile. So I stayed in detention for two weeks. Every day, by myself. Finally when I was being dropped off for school and my mom happened to be with me, my teacher pulled her aside and told her what happened and that I had been in detention for two weeks. My mom thought it was the DUMBEST shit and chewed my preschool teacher out, telling her that the gentleman the children had supposedly offended was in fact Santa Claus every year. I was immediately taken home from school and stayed home for two days behind that shit. On the drive home, my mom asked me why I didn't tell her I had done that. I told her I didn't do it and really wasn't sure why I was in trouble until then and was afraid I wouldn't be able to play with my Stone Cold if I told her. She laughed so hard that she cried and I got to play with my Stone Cold after all.

Tldr; My teacher put me in detention for 2 weeks because I played with my Stone Cold and she thought I was running from Santa Claus. (Catch your attention yet?)

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