This is the punishment that a 6 year old boy in Oregon received for being late after his mother's car wouldn't start.

Now that I think back, my school would have fit in in Nazi Germany pretty well, just with a little less Jew hate. If we got in trouble we had to get "standing time". These were minutes given to kids where they had to stand silently on a line during recess. Talking earned extra minutes. So if you had 10 mins standing time you had to stand silently, in public, watching other kids play for 10 minutes. After that you were allowed to go play. We had "no talking" policies everywhere. Sometimes the teacher would leave the room for a second and would assign a kid to take names if anyone talked. If they wrote your name it meant standing time usually. Same in the bathrooms.

In the cafeteria we pretty much had to whisper. They bought this apparatus that resembled a giant traffic light. Green light meant your noise levels were good, yellow meant you were getting a little loud and/or whisper only, and red meant you were too loud/no talking. Pretty sure it could be turned based on sound or manually switched.

Even at recess they would line us up by class and would only let the class who was quietest and standing still go in first. They would berate the others until they were quiet.

Same at lunch. We'd line up by boys and girls and whoever was quietest got to go to lunch first. So girls 99% of the time.

If you didn't do your homework? Goodbye recess, gym class, music, library time, computer lab, etc. The homework was always a ton too, especially math. 50 to 200 problems a day. Repetition and looking up answers were far more important than critical thought. Lots of times I would remember the answers from science and social studies and finish my work early (despite being one of the kids who didn't do my homework often). They put a stop to this by making me write the page numbers where I found the answer next to every problem.

Anyway I ranted enough. I just really fucking hated that place. It ruined a lot of my childhood by constantly making me feel inferior.

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