This is the punishment that a 6 year old boy in Oregon received for being late after his mother's car wouldn't start.

Punishments pike this rarely work. They just leave the kid sad and isolated and wondering why.

When I was in the 2nd grade I had a really old spiteful teacher who did not like me at all. Yes you read it right, this old spiteful ex-nun (catholic school) hated a 7 year old. She disliked me so bad she would do things like drop my work/books on the ground when handing them out to everyone, single me out in front of the class when I would get an answer wrong on anything, make me stand and face the wall for hours at a time, deny me the bathroom. Up to the 2nd grade I had Loved going to school. It was the highlight of my day everyday because I loved learning and loved my friends. Not after this shit, and my mom began to notice I would come home more and more miserable every day, sometimes in tears. Eventually it got to the point where the teacher decided I deserved to be punished by isolation, so she took my desk and shoved it into the corner of the classroom behind the door, over top a heating vent, facing a wall with the door open behind me so I couldn't see my class and they couldn't see me. This went on for months until one day my great aunt (who was a high school teacher and also knew my shitty teacher from previous teaching jobs) came to pick me up for lunch one day... I opened the door to the class because I was practically the fucking door man sitting behind it, when my aunt asked me to show her my desk and I did, I'll never forget the anger in her eyes when she realised what had been going on and also the fear in my teachers eyes when she realised she'd been caught. Within the week I was transfered out of that class to the other 2nd grade class with a wonderful young teacher who was so sweet, and my old grade 2 teacher who had punished me was forced into early retirement (she was morbidly obese and we'll over 60 anyways) because my aunt went to the school board and flipped her shit. I was lucky she had seen it when she came to get me for lunch because had she not I probably would have sat there the whole year.

It still pains me to think about that 20 some years later and makes me even sadder to see this kid getting some shitty isolation punishment. Shame on school admins/teachers who think this is in anyway a good idea, the only thing this is good for is making a child HATE attending school.

I hope this never happens to this kid again.

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