Purchasing a house with my boyfriend, thinking for the future.

Wooooow. I don't trust explicitly, we are having a contract drawn, I know that it is impossible to plan for every contingency, but it can at least cover some. Thank you for your actual advice, and as for calling me naive and arrogant, why do you think I'm asking for advice on how to do things in case the worst should happen?

You can advise me to get married, but it's not going to change the situation I asked about.

I know it's not traditional and things are done a certain way for a reason, but this is how we are doing things because we need a safe place to live, working appliances, and a house that doesnt flood every other week and make us sick from damp.

Marriage is not on the table for us currently but will be soon. We are looking for something to bridge the gap.

I know it is not an ideal situation, and it is why I am here asking the right way to do things.

Again thank you for your advice but check your attitude, I'm only asking for advice and letting everyone know repeatedly I am not getting married yet.

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