Purchasing a house with my boyfriend, thinking for the future.

Yes, trying to make the best of a bad living situation and asking for advice is naive and arrogant. The above comment was just an expression, where they do wrong we do right, my southern neighbor said it to me a lot, but you can substitute "we do our best." Which is all I am trying to do.

I'm trying to stop any future issues from arising. How arrogant of me.

How naive to recognize a common theme in all the examples. What an idiot I must be for wanting to do things differently than they did. Boy the months of research I've done really pale to those five examples. My Google drive or mortage notes is just something a silly little kid would make.

Thanks, but did you think someone would react well to you insulting them? Seriously - I asked for advice and then you want to act like I'm so terrible for standing my ground about something I've read a lot about and the other advice that didnt come from a grown ass person trying to go on a power trip.

I didn't think this sub was that bad but holy hell.

"Can't get married, buying house with bf, wat do" "Get married dumbass." "I can't but would like a similar contract" "Get married or else you naive arrogant person!" "Uh no I can't just really looking for some good advice" "Stupid. No other way. Get married or kill yourself."


The last one was an exaggeration but it is seriously like you all can't read. If you want my life story and how we arrived at this decision, it makes a lot of sense for us, but I figured I'd include only the relevant details that you all largely ignored anyway. I think I'm done listen to broken records and getting berated by a presumably ancient human.

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