A ‘pure racist act;’ N.Y. Post slammed for using 9/11 to attack Rep. Omar over speech on Islamophobia

Okay, so the Clinton quote is definitely way better in context, and it makes sense why she said that, because in the next sentence she addresses that specific point and brings it to resolution.

Let's be honest about the Pelosi and Obama quotes, though. Even in context, those are just terrible ways to try to make the point they're trying to get across. Like, whoever proofread those speeches should be fired.

Obama's is salvageable at least because the context provides support. A listener or reader with some basic critical thinking skills who is paying full attention can pick up what he intends to say. Ideally, that shouldn't be a requirement, though, and all that needs to be changed is, "If you've got a business -- you didn't build that by yourself." Skip the "Somebody else made that happen," and move right on to the Internet line. Boom, memes averted.

The Pelosi one is much worse. The surrounding context still doesn't really fix anything. That whole sentence should never have been allowed to exist after the first time the draft was read. In fact, the whole page it was on should have been burned just to be sure. That's some seriously low-hanging fruit, even with context. I want to believe the entire Democratic side of the House engaged in a synchronized full-body cringe when those words left her mouth, because even I knew that was a sound byte waiting to happen when I first heard it, and I'm in no way a PR or media person.

With Pelosi's quote, the context doesn't get you any closer to pulling your interpretation (which I think is the closest to what she meant) from it:

Rather, what it seems Pelosi was trying to say (and could have been clearer doing so) was that once the bill passed, it would become obvious that the attacks were baseless and Republicans were full of shit.

You have to start with the assumption she couldn't possibly have meant her statement at face value, and then really read between the lines to get the aforementioned interpretation. No politician should expect that the average person is listening and analyzing that intently when the reality is most people are half-listening and doing some household chore at the same time or whatever.

I guess my real point is that Clinton's quote was really abused, Obama's is questionable (though undoubtedly poor word choice regardless), but Pelosi dug her own grave with hers, and I think she deserved the flak she got for it. I guess instead of reading her speech first, she decided she needed to give the speech to find out what was in it. Sorry

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