A ‘pure racist act;’ N.Y. Post slammed for using 9/11 to attack Rep. Omar over speech on Islamophobia

Others said they thought that the cover amounted to incitement of violence against Omar

It was tasteless. It wasn’t an incitement of violence.

And “Others” ? Who are these Others?

The Washington Post is trying to get people riled up to disagree with the people who were trying to get people riled up to disagree with Omar.

By that logic Washington Post is inciting violence. Which no, it isn’t either.

You can’t just make a mental leap and call it something it isn’t.

There are real people actually inciting violence against Omar. Calling her out or trying to get people to disagree with her or vote against her in a public forum like a newspaper isn’t inciting violence. It’s just not.

Other people are actually inciting violence though.

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