I purposely ruin matches in the hopes that it's you guys on my team.

Because you guys, as a whole, I just really fucking dislike.

It really is at the stage where there is no point in even trying to email properly because of how terrible so many of you are at emailing.

Despite how average the drafts are you all cry like babies about them. Then you all whine about how there's too many periods, despite so many of you using it as shown by all the pictures you post and comments you make.

Telling people to make use better grammar? You are the problem with grammar. If you can't fucking work that out and need someone to tell you why then stop emailing!

I have seen you guys praise someone, to the tune of over 600 positive votes, for purposely making punctuation-less emails. I have seen you guys say how friendly it is here, despite it being a cesspool of negativity where you down vote anyone who needs helps, asks a question or shares an opinion. It's not you reading this right now? Well if you think it's bad why don't you up vote the things down voted? Oh wait, you're an arse.

You also up vote useless crap too. The other day I got over 100 up votes for changing the password on my iPad. How about you stop up voting shit like that and stop down voting useful stuff? Not to mention when Steve Jobs died. Steve Jobs died for fuck sake and you're all up voting about it.

I love the idea that I'm making my own fun my own way and that you guys are potentially suffering for it.

Do I want to use semicolons where there shouldn't be? I sure do hope you like the taste of confusion.

Do I want to do nothing but sneak about sniffing website history? You better hope the objective isn't in our computers. Do I want to do nothing except literally spam the pizza hut customer care email? I sure do.

Oh but of course this will get down voted. Despite lectures on how votes are for relevance you guys all have emotions and will dislike this so despite saying not to down vote relevance you'll down vote it anyway.

You guys really are terrible, morally and skilfully, and I love you for it because I wouldn't have this place any other way.

But don't worry, I'll probably end up replying to your comments so save your down votes till then!

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