Put the game down and take a break if you are bored

Serious question, what season content are you not finishing by playing a couple hours a week? All the weapons are super easy to get, and the sundial is something that doesn't change much after running it a few times. I always see this argument that people don't want to "miss out" on seasonal stuff, but there is so little to miss out on that you should be able to have all of it within 3 months easy. What content are you missing? The title? The ritual weapons? The title is meant for hardcore players, not everyone, and the ritual weapons can still be earned in later seasons as long as you have the quest. I genuinely don't know what people mean when they say they're missing out on stuff that is super easy to get and available for 3 months. I hardly have any time to play anymore and I have every item from the season, easily.

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