Putin’s alleged mistress has $100M, ‘Pandora Papers’ reveal

I think from a point of view where I've grown in my career, a shift from a straight wage towards a wage plus benefits plus equity is what needs to happen.

You can't seize means of production. Doing so is fundamentally against what our country was founded on, where everyday people have access to and means of mobility to do what the please.

Rather, you need to tie a person's labor to the value of that labor's output. Without equity, and in an at-will employment state, people are effectively disposable. This create fear among those in a stable position and hopelessness for those in an unstable position. By making it law that all employees in a company have a certain equal percentage in the equity of the company, you force companies to hire the right people, who are motivated to actually drive revenue.

And when people are bored, ineffective, or just had enough, they are allowed to move on. Their equity goes with them.

I believe this is good, because everyone from a foundational laborer to upper management is free to earn a wage relative to their experience and expertise, while associating the present value of their labor to the future of the company through equity.

People will have pride in their work. You might be a janitor at a tech company that goes big decades after you move on to a better position and have a nice chunk of change. Skilled labor and creatives are free to change roles at different companies, increasing exposure to new industries and bringing their experience to new places.

It isn't all peaches and cream. Competition for literally any role all of a sudden becomes fierce. Companies won't hire people who flake. But I feel it's a step in the right direction. And maybe y progressive companies are catching on to this, and using RSUs as a way to attract top tier talent. Those same companies are crushing their competition. Simultaneously building networks of people who have worked together before effectively.

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