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having just been through my first chem treatment last friday, after discovering them in my bedroom, these guys are gods! I'm now totally broke, myapartment got hosed down in pesticide, and I've thrown away several thousand dollars of stuff the little bastards " might" have been on. As well as the stuff they were on. My building owners don't like advertising that they're in the building, so i had no idea that an apartment one floor up an across the hall had them 2-3 months ago. A little diatomaceous earth right across my door jamb probably would have killed the things as they tried to get in. My mother in law went through this 10 years ago, some of her nieghbours went to Thailand and staid in hostels, so as soon as i realized what was going on, i went scorched earth. You can't do less then that, or they'll hide and come back.

The little bastards like grass woven/rattan items. Anything made with cheap pressboard usually has glue they like to munch on and nest in. Yes a certain swedish stores products are bad for that. So if you have anything like that, get rid of it abd go for furniture that is metal, or well sealed varnished solid wood where they can't hide in the joins.

Also go to the Mayo clinics site for reference and further info on washing and bite treatment. We haven't been bitten in 10 days and have only seen one poisoned one in a monitor box just the day after spraying. We get the second spraying on the January 2nd and with us throwing evrything away, wrapped and ductaped up in the dumpster, we should hopefully be clear of them. Oh, everything that we couldn't bring ourselves to throw away, momentos and books,etc, we've bagged and sprayed and stuffed in our storage locker for the mext year. If there are any eggs on the stuff, they should hatch and starve within six months, so storing stuuf for a year is no biggie.

Ihope what I've shared helps somebody, this has been a fucking nightmare mentally, physically ( i've lost 15lbs in the last 2 weeks working 12-14 hours prepping and junking stuff, and the financially. We got food and gas money for me to get to work, so we'll get by. If it wasn't for family and friends helping out where they could, i don't want to think how completely buggered I'd be.

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