putting grocery carts back is doing unpaid labor for a corporation that would otherwise put the carts away themselves. you aren't lowering costs or helping each other, you're enabling corporations and raising ceo pay

I don't see any connection between cart circulation and CEO wage.

Anyway the last few times I've gone to the grocery store, all the carts have been completely gone which sucks because I always need to use one and buy a lot at a time. So I walk all the way into the store, see no carts are there, then have to walk all the way outside halfway across the parking lot and get one someone had lazily strewn in a spot or from a corral instead, then walk all the way back into the store. It's pretty annoying.

As far as I'm concerned, leaving your cart is like littering. It's implicitly saying "this is someone else's problem, I can't be bothered (finding a corral or trash can), my time is more valuable than theirs". Even when an employee is going out and collecting carts, having to constantly stop and grab stray ones from parking spots just slows them down (and probably why it's been empty every time I've gone lately).

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