Pypi Download Stats Have Stopped Working Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again and Again

By "dev team" you mean me, because there is no dev team, It's just me.

Well that just makes you a team of one really.

Coincidentally there's no real ops team either, there's me and when he has time Ernest.

And this project is the only way to effectively distribute pip packages? How the hell did we trust such a fundamentally broken "organization" with such a hugely important task for the language?

In addition, I'm not so much "actively avoiding" the issue as I am just seriously overloaded.

You saying this isn't your comment?

Not only am I the primary/only person keeping PyPI going, I'm also one of the main driving forces behind pip (though thankfully that has additional folks working on it too! Not with as much "available" time to dedicate to it though) and one of the main driving forces behind working through a variety of PEPs to try and improve packaging as a whole and the primary developer of a PyPI 2.0 that will hopefully replace this decade old rotted code base that we call PyPI.

Hopefully this new PEP will be better than all the ones before it that failed. However since "wheels" were supposed to fix everything, I am doubtful Python packaging will ever be fixed so long as we are completely tied to CPython.

Search is broken and download stats are broken, installation is not.

Installation was provided wrong version numbers for a while. Seems like that is no longer the case.

However it's not a great standing point to say "look only 2 of the 3 things are broken!" given how important search is to package discovery.

You want it fixed faster than I'm able to do it?

No, just a reasonable prioritization of effort. Broken search is not a trivial issue.

Clone the code and figure out if you can reproduce the bug locally.

In another bug report (if you had read it) this work is already taking place.

if not update the issue.

I did update a new ticket after this one was wrongly marked "resolved."

Convince your company to dedicate SRE and/or Developer resources.

Plausible. However since install works well just have to deal with it for the time being.

Convince your company to donate to the PSF and ask them to use said money to hire dedicated SRE and/or Developer resources.

It's easier and somewhat cheaper for them to pay me to fix it if it came to it.

Help get Warehouse (PyPI 2.0) developed so we can finally replace the horrible ball of mud that is PyPI's code base.

Never even heard of Warehouse. Maybe provide a link for us?

You know what's not a great way to get something fixed? Whining on Reddit about the efforts of one guy who is trying to almost single handily keep a site that did 787 million requests and used 77TB of bandwidth in the past week from completely falling down around us while also trying to fix the systemic issues that make this task harder than it needs to by replacing the proof-of-concept code written a decade ago that somehow became a critical part of the internet's infrastructure.

WTF are you doing wasting time on reddit writing replies then and making bugs as fixed when they are not?

Don't blame us for your unworkable mess of a codebase. You should have planned better for your technical debt instead of burn hours writing mostly pointless and very whiny reddit replies.

That, or we should have never allowed Pypi to become the "defacto" way of package distribution.

Are you being paid to maintain PyPi? If not, just quit. If no one will maintain it we will be forced to fix it another way and hopefully the seriousness of the total abandonment will actually shock the community into caring.

If you are being paid, change your priorities.

The simple fact of the matter is if it weren't for a handful of companies donating services that allow us to offload some of this off of me and onto them, PyPI would not exist right now because otherwise I couldn't do it alone and I don't see anyone else stepping up to help.

Then don't and quit. GTFO and stop complaining. Live a happier life as a result.

Otherwise you are the person in charge so you are the person we will direct our issues toward.

If pip/Pypi's bus-factor is you, then quitting might actually be the solution in the long run assuming you can't/won't get any help. Especially if you are not getting paid.

If you are, stop writing comments and start fixing bugs.

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