Q2 2019 Review and Picture Megathread


Overall - 9/10 I have ordered from 6ixpensary 3 separate times now and i absolutely love them the only complaint i have is with response time.

Shipping - 9/10 Very fast shipping i live just out of the toronto area and i received my package the day after ordering.

Quality - 10/10 By far some of the greatest bud i have gotten in a while especially for the price you are paying it is crazy worth it, The $99 ounces that i typically purchase could be mistaken for a $120 ounce.

Customer Service - 7/10 Now not that there is anything wrong with Rocketman as he is very respectful and super helpful when it comes to customer support but i really wish that he would invest in more service reps as he is the only customer support at the moment and can be hard to get a hold of which is understandable but this could be an easy fix that would go a long way.

No incentives for my review nor am i affiliated with 6ixpensary in any way but i am very impressed with this MoM and until i can find a MoM that offers AAA quality bud at $99 ounces this will be my goto.

Thank you for the awesome work you do Rocketman!

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