Q4RP: Do you agree that "the plural of anecdote isn't data"?

Well I'm not really interested in talking about the miniscule almost non existent number of cases where a man's wife is so horrible, so awful, that he is willing to divorce rape himself just to get away from her. I mean how awful must these women be? I mean 90% of divorcees are initiated by the woman.

What I've actually seen actually happen is that a women will get old, doesn't realize that she's post wall, treats her husband like shit and he puts up with it anyway. Then she divorces him. Years later she's miserable, a single mother that nobody will commit to, and he's remarried to a much much younger girl. Which is exactly what happened to me. I didn't leave my first wife and replace her. She left me and is alone and I have a girl who is ten years younger than she is.

Besides look at pre divorce rape times. Before we created a system to reward women for divorce. The divorce rate was like 2%. So yeah what you are talking about almost never happens. Meanwhile over half of children are in broken homes subject to all that abuse and shitty lives because of feminism and the horrific evil laws it has created. It's fucking wrong to do this to children and it makes me sick.

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