Do I qualify for a restraining order?

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Author: /u/stankytit

Title: Do I qualify for a restraining order?

Original Post:

It was suggested I post to this forum.

When I was 15, I made friends with a kid, we'll call him jake. he was always having some sort of crisis; ie having flashbacks from everything, jacking off in the school bathroom, getting arrested and talking about how he used to be in juvie, being transgender, etc. (I can also confirm his mom told me all of that was fake during those years) Eventually, I couldn't take it anymore and I cut him out of my life. He didn't like that.

He would always text me and I would tell him to leave me alone. He never did, but it wasn't until yesterday that I had learned he was making up fake emails, instagrams, facebooks, numbers, and snapchat acting like a different person each time.

I used to be best friends with a girl, let's call her kris. We had a huge blow out a few years back, but she messaged me on instagram for the first time since the blow out to warn me about Jake. We got coffee the next day to catch up, she told me Jake was making up fake personas and showed me screenshots. i showed her all of the texts and she was concerned that he was stalking me.

Here are some things his personas told me that have been keeping me up at night, horrified:

1) His dad locked him in his basement for 7 months, tying him up and making him eat out of a bowl. He mentioned his father got 3 life sentences in a federal prison. I know his dad, and that never happened.

  1. He said he got caught trying to hack into a bank's mainframe and the FBI told him he could either get a job or go to jail (not how it works)

3) He casually mentioned BDSM and how he's into chasity, orgasm denials, and cbt (cock and ball torture)

4) He told Kris that he was trying to hack my instagram gain remote acess to my computer

5) He admitted to being a psychopath and having psychosis

6) He said he would pop EXACTLY 38 pills a day and did every drug to exist

7) Kris sent screenshots of him admitting to creating the accounts

Would any of this be convincing to authorities that he needs to be locked up? (for fraud, harassment, privacy infringement, etc) I'm terribly disturbed and any feedback would be super helpful.

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