Qualifying for the Taiwan gold visa

Or wait until Covid ends and do border runs in Taiwan. It's how I spent 6+ months there or whatever it was. I was changing cities every month because the train system is pretty simple.

The hardest struggle is maybe 1 or 2 cities in Taiwan ban Uber and the local Taxi union ends up being anti-English or xenophobic. That may have since improved. If not you're probably not missing much if you purposely avoid those places.

Although in retrospect I don't see myself going back to Taiwan

  • It is more expensive than Philippines / Thailand. And it's actually cheaper to get a Goshiwon in Seoul than to rent an AirBnB in Taipei. (Unless you convince someone on 591 or whatever that website is to rent you a studio for cash below $250).
  • Language barrier. 591 has no English option. Most restaurants I saw had no English menu and it's Chinese scripts. Google Translate can't read handwritten signs (common at night markets) that well either.
  • You stop seeing foreigners once you stop living in a touristy area. Hell just being in a suburb of Taipei can mean seeing none for months at a time.
  • You can get a lot of online dating matches but the girls often know zero English, are unwilling to meet, etc. I only ever met 2 pure blooded local and 1 mixed race one in 6 months. Pretty much the only girls of these spam matches that knew enough English for us to hangout. And I'm just talking dates not hookups / bangs. My actual Tinder meets were predominately Indonesian women (many come to work as nannies or in factories and seem to know English) or South Americans (exchange students).
  • Air Pollution rivals South Korea for sure
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