A quarter of UK children think penguins and tigers live on farms | Living

I literally grew up in one of the most agricultural areas of the UK, a solid half the people in my school were farmers children and one kid even drive a tractor to school (it didn't go down well with the head).

And outside of random "petting" type farms that have a horse, goats, hens, maybe a pig and for some reason alpacas - I've never been to a farm.

But an actual farm? I hadn't been to an actual farm until I was well into my 20s. I had no idea and likely still have a very poor idea of what farms actually do.

Is going to actual farms a normal part of most kids education or am I just totally misunderstanding here.

Or course that doesn't mean I would have thought elephants come from a farm.

But I'm personally amazed only 10% haven't been to a farm - 90% of children have been to farms?!

We must be talking not-real kiddo entertainment farms there surely?

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