‘Queen Cleopatra’ Director Speaks Out: ‘What Bothers You So Much About a Black Cleopatra?’

Nobody complains about the one Elizabeth Taylor was in. I really don’t see what the big deal is. Egypt is in Africa I know there’s a painting of her but artists back then we’re known for their white washing people of history in paintings. She could have been black. Where’s the outrage over white Jesus? Would that be woke too? Either way I really don’t care about what race the actor is since it’s vague anyways and I scratch my head in confusion when people get outraged over a blank woman playing a character that is either fictional or is historical but the person could have been black anyway.

Unless there is stronger evidence of what she looked like? Even with light skin she could have been black. I’ll visit the history sub maybe they have more unbiased insight that’s more than “it’s woke” for a reason given.

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