Queen Elizabeth II has died. May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

Definitely not an easy job. The issue people have is less with the work Queen Elisabeth did. I think by and large people would say she played her role with dignity and was a good queen.

What people mostly oppose is the extravagance and the wealth and the opulence of the royal family. While the queen did step out and be among the people, not everyone could just approach the queen because she is the queen.

In that sense I can understand the opposition to a monarchy. There was a time in humanity where monarchies made sense but nowadays it's mostly symbolic. I think after Charles, the monarch should be dissolved and all the wealth and artifacts should either be given back to the people or preserved for educational purposes.

The imperial realm became a commonwealth and the trajectory of humanity is moving away from kings/queens and empires and power passed down through bloodline.

Elisabeth played her role well and kept her promise. After all is said and done, it is worth revisiting whether a monarch is still relevant and necessary in today's society.

I lean strongly towards no.

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