Queers for Palestine....

You know that the Arabs in Israel were there before Israel was established right? Israel didn't give them citizenship out of the kindness of their hearts and they refer to them as a "demographic threat" because they're afraid Jews will become a minority. That's why the one state solution is so unpopular among Israelis.

I can, as a Palestinian, concur that my ancestors (some of whom are alive today) simply escalated with Jews because of their xenophobia, anti-immigration sentiment, and for religious reasons. That was when everything turned into a shitshow, and both sides showed (in that era, 1917-1948) disgusting behaviors and unnecessary escalation (it wasn't only the Jews who committed atrocities, for example see the 1929 Arab riots, in which 133 innocent Jewish civilians were massacred and many more evacuated from their homes).

Have you ever heard of Irgun? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Irgun_operations

To list just a few of Irgun's attacks against Arab civilians:

(19 June 1938) 18 Arabs killed by a bomb thrown into a market in Haifa. (16 July 1938) 10 Arabs killed by a bomb at a market in Jerusalem. (25 July 1938) 49 Arabs killed by a bomb thrown into a melon market in Haifa. (26 August 1938) 24 Arabs killed by a bomb at a market in Jaffa. (27 February 1939) 33 Arabs killed in multiple attacks, including in a market in Haifa and a vegetable market in Jerusalem. (19 June 1939) 20 Arabs killed by explosives mounted on a donkey at a market in Haifa. (12 December 1947) 20 Arabs killed by a car bomb placed opposite the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. (29 December 1947) 11 Arabs and 2 British constables killed by a bomb thrown from a taxi at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. (7 January 1948) 20 Arabs killed by a barrel bomb rolled from a stolen police van into a large group of civilians who were waiting for a bus by the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. (18 February 1948) 12 Arabs killed, 43 injured by a bomb in the Ramla market.

Does that remind you of Hamas? Yes. Yes it should.

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