Quest 2 Will No Longer Require A Facebook Account From Next Month

I completely 100% understand why you would feel icky about a big shady company collecting your data.

That said, personally I've never quite understood what the big deal is. The sort of info they are collecting is simply used for advertising. Which can be annoying, sure, but it can also result in ads that are actually interesting. Like, for example, I'm a fairly tall guy. If Facebook used my height to allow clothing brands with tall sizes to advertise to me on my feed... that's... fine? Like I have no issue with that. I'd rather see that than some liberty mutual ad or whatever the hell else that's just boring and skippable.

But again, I get it. I personally feel like if I have nothing to hide (I don't) then as long as the company isn't compromising my passwords or anything I'm not overly concerned about how they use my data. It's definitely a to each their own situation.

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