Question about Amex BCP

In my opinion the BCP is only worth it long term if you max out groceries with $6K/year spending AND have high streaming qualifying purchases, basically ~$100+ in streaming.

If you don't care about having the card long term, then Year 1 because the AF is waived, it makes perfect sense. After Year 1, its up to Amex if they give you a retention offer so you don't downgrade or cancel the card. Upgrade offers are also a thing but what a lot of people forget to take into consideration is that those months you are stuck with the BCE, you are loosing 3% cashback in your grocery category if compared to a 5% cashback card like Custom Cash. Meaning that if for example it takes you 11+ months to get the upgrade offer, a $150 statement credit is worth nothing because that is exactly what you lost by holding the BCE.

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