Question about etiquette and best practices for relationships with partners without herpes

i suppose you're right. i guess i don't really think he's been deceitful this whole time (though yeah i was implying that, like an asshole), or else he wouldn't have had the extensive conversation with his doctor about whether he should even be on meds.

i haven't been outwardly angry towards him, i told him i wasn't thrilled that he didn't mention it to me but it was fine. though yeah, i am truly pretty angry. i know it's really not a big deal, but i felt like i was an active participant in managing a diagnosis that, like you said, we practically share. maybe it does suggest all is not well in paradise, because even if the outcome is the same (avoiding sex for a while), it feels like my autonomy was taken away from me. especially when it wasn't even mentioned before sex this time around.

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