I have a question about one of the sub rules. Would anyone be able to help me?

Another mod JFT was creating gross imgur albums of the moms in unflattering pictures. This caused an uproar for many months until someone created a post like this and formally addressed it. She stepped down but I suspected she had alts too.

I remember she had a long explanation about why she, a therapist in real life, was ok to post the albums. Then, as I recall, an alt pops up to reply to her saying how that person was allegedly a therapist too and it was ok what she was doing. No one else had the opinion that it was ok for a Therapist to make fun of them in this manner. I always suspected that second account was her too.

The sad thing is I still think about that comment from time to time how fucked up that person was and even went out of their way to create an alt to justify how fucked up they are.

TLDR; This sub has all sorts of skeletons.

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