Question about the PoliSci Major

If you take an extra 200 level it’s not a huge deal as the extra will count as an elective. I highly recommend taking at least one course from all the streams. As the other commenter stated, 227 and 244 both count towards comparative politics. Although they say to maybe skip 227, I highly recommend it, even as an elective, as long as it’s with douek. This course to me was life changing and led to me switching focus on IR type courses, mainly developing areas, when I was previously focused on Canadian politics. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Contrary to the other commenter, I don’t recommend 231 as I’m not really into that type of politics but again, taking these 200 level courses is what will offer a broad overview and you can decide what you like. It doesn’t hurt to use any extras as elective or even towards a related minor (in my case, I minored in Canadian studies and was able to use my extra 200 level, 221, towards this minor so ensure you check the requirements).

I just graduated in February so any advice you need, feel free to message me!

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