Question about responding to GSW call

  1. Depends on jurisdiction. Our won’t, but for GSW call we show up first and, if needed, call rescue.
  2. Yes, if the responding officer has one. Keep in mind, tourniquet is applied as high on the limb as possible.
  3. Nothing. Read #4.
  4. We have “scoop’n’go” policy, meaning we never wait for ambulance in cases of life threatening injuries. We put people in our cars and rush them to closest level 1 trauma. First unit on scene scoops the victim, second secures the crime scene. While on way to hospital, it’s a good idea to have second officer sit in the back with victim and try to get as much information as possible (about the offender). This way officer can put out flash asap, and, in case the victim dies and doer is caught, he/she can testify in court on victim’s behalf (known as “dying declaration”).
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