[Question] Are Gibson ES-335s and 339s getting exponentially more expensive?

My question is, are these guitars becoming more and more expensive each year?


Never buy a guitar as a financial investment. If it's something you want to play - great - get it, but if you are buying any guitar (made after say 1969) as an investment you're going to have a bad time.

Right now Gibson prices are unstable because of the bankruptcy, so don't trust any prices you see. Same thing happened during the Norlin bankruptcy.

Lots of people are expecting their new-ish (post 2012) Gibsons to skyrocket in value. They won't. Though I expect the pre-raid guitars will retain more value than the new ones made out of Richlite with robotuners on them.

Scenes when everyone realizes that the sweet spot was in like 2009-2011. If you have one of those bad boys hang onto it.

Either find an alternative, or be patient. They will get cheaper before they get more expensive.

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