[QUESTION] Why you don't buy TAG Heuer?

“I think you approached the problem at a less-than-ideal angle.”

I mean nothing I said I was incorrect.

“We go to a michelin star restaurant, we expect every dish to be made with at least good recipe and decent attention to detail. They don't need to be perfect, but we expect all-rounded quality to be "good".”

You made a very pretentious statement to say what? That a brand has range of products at different price points. I’m not sure what Tags you have actually seen in the last 10 years that are bad quality?

“If the restaurant has awesome dishes at $100, pretty great dishes at $70, but complete crap appetizers at $25 that really should be worth $4, that is a gigantic problem. They are using their restaurant's name to sell those dishes but both raw materials and the effort made to produce them do not warrant even half of the asking price.”

Define what is worth the asking price? I have strong feeling you’re just repeating other peoples opinions on watches without much original thought of your own.

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