Question for Cowboys fans (I’m a Bears fan)

Team doesn't need an overhaul. No. You're actually not too far off with the Rams comparison.

Dak... Is what he is. He's average.

The Oline isn't what it was in 2016. They are okay to good and it can range from one game to the next.

Zeke and Rod Smith at RB should be a deadly combo but they aren't used to their full potential. In fact I've barely seen Rod Smith get touches this year.

WR is actually solid on paper. Cooper, Beasley, Gallup, Hurns, Austin. I guess you can put Thomson in there as well. Dak just needs to see these guys when they're open.

TE: This position needs addressing for sure. Swaim has been good. But he's nowhere near the upper caliber of TE's in the NFL. I'd like to see more Rico Gathers out there, but as of now he's still untested in my eyes.

Defensively this is the best squad we've had in a long time. Pass rush is there. Sean Lee being out doesn't spell disaster anymore since LVE and Jaylon have developed into beasts. We have good CB's but need more depth. If Earl Thomas still wants to come here next year I would not complain as that would give us what we need at safety.

So yeah. We're a few pieces from being truly complete. Once we get some new coaches in there I'd like to see what we can do outside of Scott Linehan's 7 plays. I believe we have a enough talent on this team to go further then we are right now.

The change needs to start with the head coach, offiensive coordinator and QB coach. New play book and new culture. If Dak hasn't improved then replace him - however - they need to seriously consider replacing him sooner if he continues to have the problems he has had since he started in the NFL.

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