Question for the moms on here who have given birth.

2 births but they were both c sections. Here was my experience:

The first one was just a negative experience all around. I was induced at 40.5 weeks. 9 hours into labor they give me the epidural and the anesthesiologist was such an asshole. He was getting pissed off with me because I was shaking...from pain...from contractions. Right after that my doctor checked me and said that my pelvis was too narrow to give birth, I went in for a c section. Everything went fine until after she was out. I had a hard time breathing and they gave me oxygen. The rest of our stay there the nurses were impatient, condescending, and unhelpful.

Second one was wonderful. Different hospital, different ob. I opted to not do a vbac and I was scheduled to have her at 38 weeks. The anesthesiologist was the exact opposite of the first one. Patient and understanding. I absolutely loved him. The nursing staff were so, so nice. C section went smooth. They helped me with everything, including helping me properly breast feed and were my cheerleaders. I absolutely loved it.

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