Question for those that have been married…. How Did you get your spouse into trying MFM?

Ah, we are divorced now. But then, yes he asked directly if I wanted to, if it would be okay to set up. But to say he was territorial with me would be an understatement. I felt like he was pushing himself past his own limit in a desire to make my wild dream come true. It didn’t need to come true, I was happy with him. I didn’t want him to hurt himself or us over it so I just resisted slightly without saying no.

You know, us in a threesome isn’t what he talked about to get himself off or porn he watched by himself. It was only related to me. If it’s really your fantasy then maybe just let that hang out a little. And follow up with a note or a mojo-upgrade check list style thing. And instead of asking yes or no, try exploring what to do if you did… Ask the questions that show you’ve thought it thru… how would you manage the scene? Go to a hotel or play at hone? Would she want to meet him or for you to pick? Does she want to be restrained? Does she want him to be restrained? Should he be a friend of yours or a stranger? Does it seem like y’all should play w the same person repeatedly or have a one and done idea? Should you try just going to a swinger club first? How will you communicate and manage jealousy before after during? Do you get really turned on by cuckold scenarios? What are some things that could happen which would make her want you to stop the scene immediately? What will be the aftercare strategy on the day of and following up? What if she wants to do it again but you didn’t like jt? What if you want to do it again but she didn’t like it?More exploring the practical stuff would have helped me to feel more comfortable with where he was at, would have made me feel safe about proceeding. If she’s like me at all she’s gotta know she’s safe with you if she does.

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