Question: Why is gay marriage such a threat to the ideals of Christianity but not so many of the other rules that are stepped over in society (I.e. divorce)?

Rather, I think the real comparison are things like sloth and gluttony and greed and a host of other sins that are all routinely ignored, are routinely legal

Actually they are vastly different. The individual sins you mention are behaviors that are

A) viewed by society as being on a spectrum of severity and therefore judgment is relative and subjective

B) seen as mitigable through human effort and behavior modification

There are few direct laws against these sins because society controls these through

1) social disapproval, shaming, and rejection ('Fat', 'Lazy' and 'Greedy' are still pejoratives)

2) Setting limits on where in the spectrum these behaviors become unacceptable to society.

For example, we don't legislate directly against laziness or greed but for example we sure do send thieves to jail i.e., when a person's laziness or greed has crossed a boundary into affecting other people. Drinking is legal, but DUI is a jailable offense etc.... gluttony is the only sin so to speak that isn't legally targeted because the biggest victim is the fat person themselves (this might change in future given our shared healthcare cost burdens as a society)

Homosexuality on the other hand is seen as a binary fact. You're either homosexual or not. There is no "John is more homosexual than Steve but less so than Chuck".

Homosexuality is feared/abhorred more because many heterosexuals still don't understand it as a hard-wired orientation that people are born with, but through the lens of the perversion of 'normal', hetero, appetites for sexual gratification. (think of the Romans whose hedonistic lifestyle meant partaking in a variety of sexual pleasures which included sex with boys, animals, orgies etc)

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