Question to gen z

the internet is a completely unregulated drug. and the tragic outcome of the internet is me. addicted to everthing, all of the time.

when its easier to find the greatest porn you can possibly imagine than it is to download a video editing software, everyone's desires are deranged. ambition is a fart, motivation is a scarce and coveted resource.

theyve finally invented tiny computers that can run your navigation app and netflix app at the same time. theyve finally perfected infinite scrollfeeds of righteous and chuckleworthy videos. theres never not everything to do.

remember watching the backup channel whenever there was nothing to watch on your fav cable networks? that will never happen again. you can read any book, play any game, order any snack, stream any hentai, every single epsiode of every signle sitcom since the dawn of humanity. there are infinite lists of infinite GOAT films and you could never watch them all in your life. so what do we do what do we do what do we do INTERNET HEDONISM IS MENTALLY DEADLEY especially if theres something inside you that needs to be expressed. imagine how many terminally onliners could have been the next freddie mercury, how many furrys coulda been neil gaiman if only every fetish ever werent a fucking few clicks away at any time. the minds of m*nkind are soaking and rotting in warm baths of nostalgia and novelty. matrix but its more like charlies grandparents in that disgusting fucking bed

SLEEP WHY WOULD I SLEEP WHEN I COULD WATCH 10 SEASONS OF VENTURE BROS ON MY PHONE bluetooth headphones are a slippery slope. podcasts while i clean, shop, shit, brush my fucking teeth?? do you know how much hilarious and clever content there is on youtube I DO IDO I DO DI DO but i havent even scratched the sruface infiniteinfinireinfinite vlogs?

when i say infinite i mean more than a human could consume in its life. theres an infinite amount of anime. youd never get through every animated series and special. you have to choose. you have to skip some. and you better get started, cuz by tomorrow youll only have about 800 hours of prime podcast-listening time left in your life. do you need your brain for this activity? give me something to think about in every pocket of free time i possess. i dont need to really Think while im driving, uknow? fill up the cracks, you dont have to be alone with your thoughts anymore. those days are over. the bluetooth pairing is so fucking seamless. theres a pause button on the earphone, its so convienten its so concveinetn its so fucking convernitent IM ADDICTED TO EVERYTHING I CAN GET MY HANDS ON i would definiteky suck my own dick if i could. id probably do it evety day, give myself neck cramps. why am i like this

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