The question "how can you run so much"

Really appreciate your thoughts on this subject, was a pleasure reading.

It is weird knowing I do what I do to be uncomfortable, because I am aware that is when I do most of my growth and processing. That is just a reason caused by many other reasons, like why do I want and yearn for that uncomfort in the first place?

4 years ago I had an episode of psychosis, which lead to a whole wave of psychotic symptoms and trauma, starting nice long spiral into an alcohol based world that I never thought I'd survive. After a couple years of this I attempted to take my life and failed. The consequences of this event were severe and painful to those who care for me, and seeing them being at breaking point was what turned it all around for me. During those 4 years, exercise wasn't a thing, leaving the house was barely a thing, but I started slowly getting active once my symptoms were better, going on short hikes and such.

Now I run, and I like to run far, all the extra steps in a story that lead me to this place would require pages to tell lol, but all I know is I got here due to a desire to self-improve. That is my meaning of life, and fuck, running far certainly gets me there.

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