Question: how many degrees of separation are CB and PS?

I'm still not convinced they are even human bones. Eisenberg based her conclusions based only on a visual examination. She used no reference material and no chemical analysis. The reason she says is because with her experience and knowledge she does not need to verify her findings. Most of these fragments were the size of a thumbnail or smaller. Using these small fragments, Eisenberg was able to determine that they were human and was able to determine gender based on the thickness of a piece of orbital bone. That following month Eisenberg would identify food scrapes found in another burn pit as bones belonging to a missing women whose body would be found 3 months later. The defense counsel asked her if she was told in the message she received that the bones were human, the prosecution objected and the objection was sustained.

And with two tiny root fragments glued together Dr. Simley was able to determine that it likely belonged to Teresa.

Calhune was able to find DNA on BZ nobody knows where BZ came from. She received the bone on November 11. She said it was not as burned as the others and still had some tissue on it. This was the day after Special Agent Rodney Pevytoe, Arson Bureau, found a bone which he was not as burned as the others which he suspected was a steak bone. He sent it in for testing anyways.

The FBI requires 13 "core" loci matches for a positive identification. In contrast, Taiwan requires a minimum of 22 matches for a positive identification at a criminal trial. The test Culhane used included the 13 core loci plus two additional ones. She found 7 loci matches, note it does not stated "core". So did she find 5, 6 or 7 of the core matches?

This is also the same lab that 5 years earlier found a victims DNA on a sample two other independent labs (post conviction) determined contained no DNA. And blood they identified as animal blood was actually the blood belonging to the accused. And this is the same person who herself admits that on November 22, 2005, that she had a contamination where there was a carryover of the sperm fraction into the manipulation control, and that the result of that was that the D.A. refused to proceed with charges and the case was closed.

So yeah, I am not at all convinced that any of the bones are human. I will only believe it if Zellner determines they are.

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