[Question] How many of us out there have never really been affected by AFKers?

I encountered quite a lot of afkers back in November and it has put me off strikes since (I don't count Nightfalls and weekly Heroics).

I was doing the strike playlist at the time and the Archon Priest popped up, I was paired with 2 lvl 30s that were both in the same clan... (I was lvl 29 at the time).

We spawned in, I jump onto my sparrow and turned around to check if they were afk and they weren't so I went ahead. I got to the first part of the enemies and looked back and I can see their names were back at spawn (I don't recall why I didn't go back to orbit that moment, might of been the last few marks I needed). After clearing the first room of enemies I went onto to the next section of the strike, got there and both their names were still back at spawn...I decided to to clear out the rest of the enemies there but not start the whole Dinklebot + 3 waves of enemy combo yet. At this point I just stood there dancing, waving and pointing so that the text would come up; eventually after a while they both started moving.

When they caught up to me 1 went to start it and the other kept shooting at me and shoulder charging me, then the other came back joined in. They both start doing stupid shit liking jumping off the cliff, dancing in the middle of enemies, pointing at me, shooting at me and whatever to make my experience terrible. After that phase, they tried to shoot me with the pikes but I just jumped on my sparrow and off I went to kill the two hydras at the end and then just sat there waiting for them. More of the same thing followed fighting the Archon Priest and after the boss went down...I said to myself something along the lines of "well, I'm never doing a strike again".

I just checked and the last time I did a strike was back in early November, I couldn't believe the amount of elitism that was coming from the two lvl 30s that were both in the same clan. I mean there were reddit posts about it but at the time the only lvl 30s I've met were sherpas that were taking new players and players just looking for a group through VoG and they all were great. That changed my mind quick...

So yeah, thats my story about my encounter with the last afkers that I've ever met; since then I have never ran a strike no matter what (All my real life friends are "PC master race" so no new gen consoles and play LoL exclusively).

I even have a folder full of screenshots dedicated to all the afkers that I have encountered lol...

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