question if this is transphobia, because I'm pretty sure it is but I don't know how to educate/counter it?

also thanks for replying regardless of what I end up doing I just needed someone to talk to

things are really weird for me right now and I'm just feeling off balance because my family is being very nice but there's just so much history of bad stuff and them not owning their actions that I just... don't know what to do because I'm freaked out but I just can't afford to give up on them right now where I am at even if it is a hopeless cause down the road

like, they are trying, and their trying needs a lot of work, but they genuinely don't seem to realize they are being hurtful and when I say they are they want to understand but I don't know how to explain why it is hurtful because they don't understand dysphoria on any level (or being ace) and while I've explained that I am allowed to exist and shouldn't have to prove how I feel and they say they accept that, they just keep being very uneducated and I don't know what resources to use since I get so flustered trying to tell them that's not how it works

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