Question on /r/HistoryWhatIf: "What if the Europeans had not attempted to colonize other continents until present day?" Borderline racist answer.

Okay. This guy PMed me and told me:

But hey it's cool you grab as much revisionist history as you want if it makes it easier to hate "the man"... I can't possibly contend with hard hitting sources like /u/somerandomguy ... lol I mean basically you side stepped a lot of it (like the wheel question... it just digressed into it was to unfair to ask the African's to invent it). Then you disregarded my question about how are we defining race in terms of time... since at some point we have a common link.... but then you kinda tried to make me look stupid because I didn't ask that.... showing yourself to be little more than a vote manipulating spin doctor.... so okay pretty sure it's not really worth having a debate with you at that point. My comment about Australia.... you give them an additional 30,000 years after skipping contact with Europeans?.... do you realize how far into the future you'd be talking? Again just don't really see a strong case for going through point by point since this is obviously an emotional issue for you rather than a rational one. I get that a lot of people hate the whites, including some whites who have been trained to do so. I give you full points for hate, guile, manipulation, & machiavellianism.... but just on the off chance that you're still able to entertain ideas outside of those you've been so deeply programed with.... Electricity, indoor plumbing, personal computers, antibiotics, pasteurization, combustion engines, airplanes, space flight, the genome, scuba diving, submarines, telephones, cars, and the list just goes on and on and on... what do they all have in common? The evil white man. If you want to consider all the flaws of a "race" of people, you probably would want to consider all the good they've done too. I personally believe that with all the flaws that Europeans have shown over time; they've also done more good for mankind than any other group of humans on this planet. So next time you see one and that wet dog smell peaks up into your nose and you want to bash their skull in with a rock... just remember whites aren't the evil animalistic creatures you would like to pretend they are. Humans are just humans.... good and bad all at once. Anyhow I won't respond past this one... your account is a month old, you've got one link karma, you pretty much just troll a single sub.... and I say troll because your intentional gaps in logic just to lead a downvote parade are something only a troll would do. On my closing note let me make 13 guesses (and don't bother lying about the answers because you can't copypasta me... since I've already called you on your shit)... First guess; you make less than $40,000 and you always will (just a wild shot in the dark) Second guess; your credit score is bellow 700 and it always will be Third guess; you live with your parents / other generous family member or you're a section 8'er Fourth guess; you suck up federal aid and turn it into this drivel Fifth guess; you sell some kind of home made amateurish "art" and pretend like that's where you get money to survive Sixth guess; you don't own a car, but you pretend it's because your fixie bike is better for the environment Seventh guess; you don't vote, you just bitch about how unfair the world is Eight guess; you publicly get all weepy about how bad porn is for women, but when you're alone... we all know what you do Ninth guess; you honestly believe the illuminati and or bilderberg group secretly runs some white supremacist government Tenth guess; you've smoked crack before... you lie about having done so but you know you have Eleventh guess; you're an angry black person who is turnt up that whites have no interest in dating you Twelfth guess; you honestly believe HIV/AIDS was made in a government lab with white guys in white lab coats all gathered around with maniacal chuckles about killing all the blacks and gays. Thirteenth guess; you don't see yourself as a racist.... LOL You'll lie and say none of this applies to you, but I know at least half of it does... hell maybe I even got lucky and it's all applicable. Anyhow, good luck random stranger... Gotta get back to my Freemason's meeting about how we're gonna keep the black man down (since you know that's a real thing and not totally paranoid)... lol

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