Question/Opinion: Is A Driving Job Like Uber or DoorDash Even Worth It?

I'm gonna be a bit if a contrarian to this thread and say it can def be worth it for the short term, but you gotta do it right. Here's what I mean...

Either rent a car or buy used and do your own repairs. Can't do your own repairs? Rent a car through hertz for 3 days using their dd program. Eat/sleep dd for 13-14 hrs a day and make as much as you can.

Aldo,don't buy the damage waiver insurance, just liability for those 3 days. Apply for a business credit card that offers primary rental car insurance. That'll cover any damage and you won't need to go through your personal insurance. If you can't get accepted, just buy the damage waiver.

If you can make $3600 a month, you'll break even after bills and an ira or 401k. Def not a job that you're going to save much unless you live with parents and pay no rent. If you do? You'll save close to a grand a month if not more not having to pay rent or food.

This isn't for someone looking to save big time if they're on their own. Good job to get you by while you're studying for something better, though.

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