[Question]People who think SRV is better than Hendrix, please post a video of your best evidence!

It isn't about whether or not people can provide this information. It is about identifying that the information they will provide you is objective.

Ha! Now you tell ME what information I was going for? How exactly did you get this information? You’ve been telling me what I mean since the beginning, it sounds like you knew what I meant before you read a letter of what I wrote, and it sounds like you knew what i meant and what I was after with no regard for my opinion at all.

Therefore framing the question in the subjective makes no sense. You wouldn't ask 'Hey, do you prefer if the Earth is flat or round?’

Yes, asshole, thats exactly the question I would ask if I was making a sculpture for someone. But since you want to control not only your, answer, but the question, and the meaning behind the question, who can tell you anything? I also wouldn’t ask someone, “Using my criteria, how did SRV become the person you think the best guitar player?”. No, asshole. Im interesting in asking your criteria, and you just answer questions with questions because you are a troll.

You mean this[1] answer? The one where I specifically asked for the criteria you're talking about? If a helpful answer is one that seeks criteria then isn't that exactly what I di

No, my criteria for who makes a better guitar player has nothing to do with yours, so why would you judge by my criteria? What happened to you think “the red apple is easier to see in the dark” being such a great answer? If you think SRV is the better player, how can I know what criteria you used? Its different than mine, Im not asking you too judge someone by my criteria, as I state over and over again. Stop telling me what I mean.

As an experiment, in a week use a different account and post the same question - just worded differently - and let's see how it goes.

Ive asked similar question on plenty of better sites. Nobody spends there entire day going through the question word for word to tell you how you are fundamentally wrong on every level for even asking.

Say what you want to me, I don't care and I'm not going to back down simply because you called me names.

Remember when I accused you of engaging in this only for the reason of you feeling superior?

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