Question regarding comparisons between Norway's and America's political parties

Is it awful just because of the horrendous cost, or is the quality bad aswell?

Depends on where you are, but typically it's the horrendous cost (if you lack insurance, which something like 25 million Americans do, I forget the exact number). I mean, I'm someone who's used both public and private insurance, and I prefer even the underfunded public insurance in the US ten times out of ten, because I don't have to deal with so much bullshit. However, even the best care in the US ranks below Norway, and other European countries, so that tells you something.

As a person who have been dependent on our health care system a lot, and been under the knife more times than I can count, I can honestly say I don't have anything bad to say about the public care. Sure some times I wished queues for surgeries was a little bit shorter, but then again the quality I feel is top notch.

Right, there's been plenty of studies from American universities that show that Norway most of all has top notch care. The wait lines is a popular propaganda piece in the US, despite the fact that the US has longer wait lines in many cases, and of course the whole denial of service if you cant pay or if you have shitty insurance (always private).

Then again, we do pour a lot of tax payers money into our health care. But I have no doubt the US could afford a similar public care system with just a fraction of the budget you use on defence.

Yes, but tell that to President Trump who just approved of a multi-billionaire dollar package for the military, while trying to gut all the decent parts of Obamacare. I mean the only mainstream presidential candidate that promotes universal health care is Bernie Sanders, and literally every other mainstream candidate last year united to say "we will never be in favor of universal health care"

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