a question / scenario for single 30something women who want children...

I'm not an anti-vaxxer. Why make such a pointless attack, but since you bring it up, let me ask you a few questions.

What is your definition of vaccine? Does said definition include prevents of infection and transmission? why or why not?
Are you familiar with the concepts of a "leaky vaccine", anti-body dependent enhancement (ADE) or vaccine enhanced infection (VEI)?

Are you able to direct me to read all the scientific trial and study literature behind whatever "vaccines" you are promoting or have they been hidden from release by the FDA for decades? Can you explain why all this information is not released so the public can make a truly informed decision?
Are you able to direct me to a listing of all the side effects of, interactions with, or, for that matter, ingredients in these "vaccines" you are promoting? why or why not?

Are you familiar with all the prior efforts at making coronavirus vaccines? What happened? How about mRNA gene therapies? What happened? What have they done differently this time? Do you know?

I look forward to your educated and informed replies to my questions.

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